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Now you’ve seen the comic, so here is a closer look at our characters behind the counter. Please don’t mind the mess in the kitchen. Potato got into the cabinets again.




Name: Boss
Profession: Owner and Head Chef of Mika’s Cafe

Often mistaken as a man due to her bulky physique, Boss is very passionate when it comes to cooking and running her beloved restaurant, Mika’s Café as Head Chef and Owner. Rough around the edges, and equipped with a volcanic temper and an explosive, in-your-face personality, Boss does not play games and knows what needs to be done. She has a deep sense of family and a soft spot for strays.




Profession: Mika’s Cafe “Mascot”

A fat, lazy cat that looks like a baby tiger cub who adopted the burly chef-owner of Mika’s Café, much to Boss’ utter dismay. He loves to sleep, eat, and give Boss a ton of grief with his many, mischievous antics. It gives him immense pleasure to rile up Boss on a daily basis. Despite Boss’ constant rejections, Potato will not leave her.







Name: Mika “Ketchup Girl”
Profession: Girl That Enjoys Eating Ketchup Packets

Dubbed not too fondly as the “Ketchup Girl, Mika is a young lady with a very simple, yet colorful way of looking at life. Happy-go-lucky and excitable, she is easily impressed and sees everything as an adventure. Nothing gets her down and has a tendency to get swept away by her imagination. Loves ketchup and making friends.




Name:  Zoe

Boss’ self-proclaimed second-in-command, Zoe is the only waitress at Mika’s Cafe. She is pragmatic and tells things as they are. Doesn’t hold back when it comes to criticism or making her opinions known. She is very loyal to the brusque chef-owner.





Profession: Chef

Quiet and laid-back, Virgil is the Sous-Chef and the real second-in-command of Mika’s Café. However, he usually keeps to himself and is incredibly aloof.


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